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Have a de Bono Meeting Facilitator Lead Your Next Meeting

A de Bono Consulting Meeting Facilitator enables you to fully participate in your meeting without the need to concentrate on leading the meeting.

The cost of a poorly run meeting is astronomical. However, a productive, efficiently run meeting can save thousands, create new ideas that help a company achieve financial success, solve major problems, and foster an atmosphere that motivates individuals.

It is often difficult for an internal employee to effectively facilitate and contribute in a highly emotional meeting. This is where a trained de Bono Facilitator's knowledge and experience can make a difference.

de Bono Consulting is the North American leader in the delivery of Edward de Bono's thinking methods.

Our Meeting Facilitators lead clients through on-site or virtual meetings including ideation sessions, corporate retreats, strategic planning sessions, and more using the Edward de Bono thinking tools to help them work through important issues and achieve real results.

The de Bono Consulting Global Network of de Bono meeting facilitators are located in 35 countries and speak 18 languages.

When Should You Work With a de Bono Meeting Facilitator?

When your team needs to generate creative new ideas
Our meeting facilitators utilize Six Thinking Hats and other Edward de Bono techniques to help your group move beyond predictable solutions to fresh ideas.

When your group doesn't wish to use an internal meeting facilitator
Your team may not wish to use your in-house meeting facilitator because they are too close to the issue you are considering.

When a number of meetings have already been held on the issue and no progress had been made
Our meeting facilitator will utilize Edward de Bono thinking tools and techniques to help you move to alternative solutions.

When your team is considering controversial issues and participants have a history of taking sides
Our de Bono meeting facilitator will have a neutral, fresh perspective and will guide and coach your group in applying de Bono thinking methods to the issues at hand.

When there is a feeling that the group dynamics, including ego and power plays, will prevent constructive discussion
Our meeting facilitator will use the de Bono thinking methods to elicit constructive output.

A de Bono Meeting Facilitator will:

  • Help you clearly define and achieve your meeting objectives
  • Work with you in advance of your meeting to design the thinking agenda so it contains all of the necessary thinking ingredients to enable success
  • Lead the entire meeting, allowing all attendees to fully participate in the thinking process
  • Ensure the agenda is clearly understood by each meeting participant
  • Define and explain the Edward de Bono thinking techniques they will use throughout the meeting
  • Keep participants focused on the defined objective, enabling parallel thinking
  • Foster a meeting atmosphere that attendees will enjoy
  • Leverage the diversity of thinking that leads to powerful solutions
  • Clarify statements and suggestions to avoid confusion
  • Ask probing questions or summarize the use of a specific tool
  • Restate the focus to steer the direction of their questions
  • Restate the de Bono thinking tool in use to remind participants of the focus at hand when necessary
  • Control diversions and keep the process on track
  • Monitor the agenda to ensure that time is used efficiently
  • Lead attendees to supported, workable action plans
  • Sign your confidentiality agreement to protect your company information

de Bono Consulting was founded on providing the key skills needed to foster success for our clients.

Call de Bono Consulting at 800.278.1292 or click to request a customized meeting facilitation proposal.

de Bono Facilitators Help Clients Achieve Real Results

A client in the entertainment industry used Six Thinking Hats to reduce staff meetings from 2 hours each week to 30 minutes every other week. Six Thinking Hats was also used to prevent major crises during a large-scale event.

A leader in the technology industry utilized Six Thinking Hats and Lateral thinking in their strategic planning meeting following a merger. Power struggles were eliminated and the team reached consensus on a new strategy.

A manufacturing company utilized Six Thinking Hats to streamline the design and production process for a new product. As a result, the new product entered the market in just one year, rather than the typical 2.5 - 4 years, and costs were reduced by $35,000 per unit.

A government organization used Six Thinking Hats to reduce call volume by developing a vendor quick reference guide to more efficiently assist customers.

Additional de Bono Meeting Facilitation Results

de Bono Consulting Meeting Facilitators are eager to help your organization achieve real results. Call 800.278.1292 today!


Become An Expert Meeting Facilitator

Focus on Facilitation is an advanced training course for meeting facilitators, team leaders, and managers.

This course teaches you to combine tools from three de Bono Thinking Systems to become an expert meeting facilitator for any kind of meeting. Engage participants and help them accomplish much more—before, during, and after meetings you lead.

Attend a Focus on Facilitation public training seminar or we'll deliver Focus on Facilitation on-site for your meeting facilitators. 800.278.1292

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